It’s our favorite season here at Lee’s Nursery and Landscaping! Springtime is here and that means it’s prime growing season for flowers and other ornamental landscaping in your yard. The days are getting longer and the beautiful colors of spring are budding with new life. As a landscape nursery in Rock Hill, South Carolina, we want to help make your yard a place of comfort and pride. Before you go outside to tidy up the yard, let us help you with some ideas for springtime planting for flowers.

5 Tips for Springtime Planting

Creating a garden in the spring doesn’t require too much effort. If you do a little research and follow the growing instructions for each type of plant, you’ll have success. Best of all, your hard work will be rewarded with a summer full of colorful flowers.

There are different growing seasons even within our own state. However, some general advice holds true no matter where you live in South Carolina. Here are five general tips for planting this spring:

  1. Wait until the last frost has passed to ensure the full potential of each bloom.
  2. Use well-drained soil in your yard for the best growth.
  3. Follow the instructions for planting—make sure to dig deep enough, provide the right amount of water, and choose a location with the right amount of sunlight.
  4. A pH level balance in your soil of 6 or 7 can help bring out the best and brightest colors.
  5. Don’t forget to plant extra to decorate your home with a beautiful bouquet!

Still unsure of what to plant and where to plant it? Lee’s Nursery and Landscaping can help! We offer free consultations to give you ideas and a vision for what your yard could look like. We’ll also show you some of examples of our custom landscaping in the Rock Hill, South Carolina area! Let our landscape nursery brighten up your yard with our professional landscaping services!