Did this week’s warm temperatures get you thinking about spring? If so, you’re probably daydreaming about spending time outdoors. Many homeowners choose to add outdoor living spaces on their property that incorporate hardscape design. Here are several trends in outdoor living design from Lee’s Nursery & Landscaping in Rock Hill, SC:

  1. Outdoor kitchens – Cooking outdoors takes on a whole new meaning when you install an outdoor kitchen in your backyard. Just like your indoor kitchen, these are perfect gathering areas when you’re entertaining. There are many styles and price points to choose from, too. If you love creating fabulous food and you love nature, this landscaping feature is for you.
  2. Pergolas and gazebos – Adding shelters like pergolas and gazebos is another popular trend. The concept is that you’re able to have an open outdoor space that also offers some protection from the elements. You can enjoy the comforts of fresh air and the sounds of nature without getting rained on or sunburned.
  3. Special areas for children and pets – Areas for children or pets to play in have also become more common. People like the idea of their children getting the fresh air they need and spending time away from technology. Pet owners like the idea of sharing outdoor time with their dogs or cats while still being at home. These ideas are a win-win all around. It’s no wonder why these areas are so popular with property owners!
  4. Outdoor lighting – Outdoor lighting makes just as much of an impact as any other type of hardscaping. Low voltage landscape lighting is more energy efficient and safer, too. Ask a landscaper near you about how to best incorporate outdoor lighting on your property.

If you’re interested in adding a hardscape design to your home, call Lee’s Nursery & Landscaping in Rock Hill, SC. Let us create an outdoor living space that you’ll love!