While there are some trees you should avoid planting in South Carolina, there are others that are perfect for our climate. The landscapers in Rock Hill, SC at Lee’s Nursery & Landscaping have five types of trees that you should consider planting in your South Carolina yard.

  1. Green or White Ash Trees – Both of these varieties of ash trees work well in South Carolina yards. They grow fast and tend to be more resistant to disease. Plant them in shaded areas on a lawn.
  2. Kwazan, Weeping, and Yoshino Cherry Trees – Cherry trees are absolutely stunning in the spring. Graceful, colorful, and with rich flowers, you really can’t go wrong when you plant one of these trees. Weeping cherry and Yoshino cherry trees are happiest in yards and in the shade. But the Kwazan variety can easily live near streets or around walkways.
  3. Bald Cypress Trees – Bald cypress trees have both beauty and brawn. They can easily adapt to drought conditions and actually thrive best in areas without regular draining. Plant them near walkways and by streets to boost your home’s curb appeal.
  4. Flowering Crabapple Trees – Beautiful and bountiful, flowering crabapple trees liven up any South Carolina property. While they can be a bit overzealous when it comes to producing their summer fruit, they do look lovely, especially when planted near evergreens.
  5. River Birch Trees – These trees are popular in South Carolina for their unique and elegant look. Known for their drooping branches and peeling bark, these large trees grow best in well-shaded areas of your lawn.

Would you like to plant these trees on your property? Don’t take on the challenge by yourself. Call Lee’s Nursery & Landscaping to talk to our landscapers in Rock Hill, SC and Tega Cay, SC to see how we can make your yard a masterpiece!