Every homeowner wants to have a property that’s welcoming to their family and friends – and that looks stunning. You can accomplish both when you choose luxury materials for your landscape design. The landscapers at Lee’s Nursery & Landscaping have compiled a list of the current top luxury landscape materials on the market. Should you need landscaping in Rock Hill, SC, consider adding these options to your property.

  1. Concrete, clay, or stone patios –  Concrete, clay, and stone patios are a current rage among homeowners for their outdoor seating areas. These additions are sleek and modern looking, yet subtle,
  2. Fire pits – Fire pits are great for offering that warm and welcoming touch to your backyard. It’s a great excuse to invite friends and family over, but a well-designed fire pit also adds an upscale look.
  3. Wood decks – Decks, particularly wooden ones, have become increasingly popular in recent years due to the natural look and feel they bring to a home.
  4. Landscape lighting – Landscape lighting used to be solely installed for safety reasons. But when done right, it can create an absolutely amazing look. Landscape lighting can really elevate your home’s value and make your home feel graceful and enchanting.
  5. Rain gardens – Many homeowners are looking for ways to add both sustainability and luxury to their landscapes. Rain gardens offer both. These gardens are designed to redirect water away from your household to plant life that actually needs the water.
  6. Water features – Water features are an elegant addition to any landscape. They add interest and drama to your home – and are relaxing to listen to, too!

Want to invest in gorgeous, luxurious materials for your landscaping? Choose a company for landscaping in Rock Hill, SC that prides itself on its professional landscape design service. Give Lee’s Nursery & Landscaping a call and let us help you design a yard that will wow your guests. Be sure to ask for a free consultation.