If you’ve ever worked with landscapers, you’ve probably heard them talk about the importance of adding mulch around trees, in flower beds, and to other features of your yard. Mulch helps protect the surrounding soil from the elements and pests that could cause damage. Adding this to the landscaping on your property can really take the look and function of your plants, trees, and shrubs to the next level. Lee’s Nursery & Landscaping wants you to know about these five reasons you should include mulch in your next landscaping project.

  1. Mulch is renewable and environmentally-friendly – Many types of mulch, especially pine straw mulch, are considered to be natural, renewable enhancements for trees and other plant life. And unlike artificial materials you could buy for your landscaping, mulch is biodegradable. It can actually help nourish the soil as it breaks down.
  2. Mulch gives your soil a boost – Mulch adds an extra layer of protection to your soil. When harsh weather rolls around, including heavy rains, snow, and cold temperatures, it will serve as insulation for the roots of your plants. It decreases the effects of erosion, too. This helps keep your plants and trees as healthy as possible.
  3. Mulch defends your landscaping from weeds – A layer of mulch can help reduce weed growth. If you’ve got weed problems, put down this cover to block the light and air that weeds need to grow.
  4. Mulch helps your landscaping look better – Adding mulch gives a polished look to any landscaped area. You’ll enjoy the view and it will boost your home’s curb appeal.
  5. Mulch is easy – Mulch gives you all these benefits but is very easy to maintain. It’s a winning combination!

To learn more about mulch or to hire landscapers to spruce up your property, call Lee’s Nursery & Landscaping today. Discover how we can help your yard look its best!