In last month’s post, we told you what landscaping design is. However, deciding exactly what you want your yard to look like can be tough – which is why you need to hire the best landscapers in Rock Hill at Lee’s Nursery & Landscaping. In addition to looking at your property’s unique needs, we’ll also incorporate the latest developments in landscape design. Here are six current trends to consider when you’re looking for landscaping in Rock Hill, SC:

  1. Subtle, all-natural designs – Flashy gardens are a thing of the past. Nowadays, homeowners desire subtle tones and designs that use only natural materials like river stones. Wood structures are another popular choice for highlighting plant.
  2. Sustainable designs – Gardens and yards that are low maintenance designed to stand tough during periods of drought are very popular at the moment, especially here in the Carolinas where the summers get hot and dry. The goal is to have a yard that is sustainable, not just to help save money but to help the environment as well.
  3. Designs with water features – Cost efficient, portable, water features are a big trend in current landscaping designs.
  4. Outdoor seating and eating arrangements – With new fabrics that are water-resistant and built to stand up to wear and tear, more and more people are setting up outdoor seating areas in their front and backyards. Hang out with friends or enjoy meals with your family – you’ll get the most use out of your yard all year long.
  5. Yards with chickens and bees – Have you ever thought of raising chickens or bees? More and more people are taking this on as a hobby. This trend is environmentally friendly and brings enjoyment to the homeowner.
  6. Edible vegetation designs – These types of yards have two functions: to look stunning and to only incorporate plants that you can eat. It’s a nice challenge for gardeners and landscapers but is incredibly efficient, gorgeous, and great for promoting healthy eating!

Are you interested in any of these trends in landscaping in Rock Hill, SC? Or would you like to try something different for your property? Our Rock Hill landscaping company can help. Give Lee’s Nursery & Landscaping a call and let us create the design of your dreams!