It seems like landscaping is something that everyone’s tried at one time or another. But in reality, it takes a large amount of work, an extreme amount of dedication, and expert design skills – three things that often aren’t best left to amateurs. When done correctly, landscaping design can make a tremendous difference in the appearance of the exterior of your home or business. Additionally, it can take the value of your property to a whole new level. But what exactly is landscaping design and how does it work? As the Rock Hill landscaping experts, Lee’s Nursery & Landscaping wants to share the following information:

  • What is it? – Landscaping is the science and art of improving or modifying the layout of a yard. Both function and aesthetics can be improved with good design. Usually the design will deal with four basic concepts:
    1. Unity/theme – Designers will create a theme or central design concept for your yard.
    2. Proportion – Size, scope, and span of the design for the landscape.
    3. Balance – Installing the plants, trees, and shrubs in a way that flows and creates equal balance. Good designers will make sure the colors and quantity of plant life are evenly spread.
    4. Transition – The design’s gradual and slow change whether it’s in color or type of plant life. A good designer will make sure any transition is smooth and subtle.
  • Working with designers – If you have design ideas or you want to be a part of the design process, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Good landscapers in Rock Hill, SC should always be willing to discuss your design ideas. It’s their mission to create a layout that will please their customers, so they should strive for open communication with their clients.

Give Lee’s Nursery & Landscaping a call today if you’re looking for an experienced and professional service to transform your lawn into a stunning oasis. We guarantee first-rate, full-service Rock Hill landscaping, from illustration and design to installation and maintenance. You can rely on us for breathtaking landscaping in York County, SC.