Every spring, landscaping in the Rock Hill, SC area comes to life through beautiful flowering trees. Many homeowners want to add these trees to their property. However, if you choose the wrong tree or plant it at the wrong time, chances are it won’t survive. Here are some tips from our Rock Hill, SC nursery to help you grow flowering trees with success.

First, think about the place you want to plant your trees. You’ll need to consider the size of the tree when it reaches maturity. You’ll also want to think about how much sun and shade a location gets. Then look for compatible varieties that will thrive in those types of conditions.

Next, find the right type of tree. Bradford pears are everywhere and are beautiful in the spring. However, they don’t hold up well under wind and ice—weather conditions we often have to deal with here in the Carolinas. Instead, consider crape myrtles or flowering apricots. You may also want to think about native species like redbuds, sourwoods, or serviceberries.

Finally, plant your trees at the proper time of year. Unfortunately, many home improvement stores sell plants, trees, and shrubs at the wrong time of year. Just because you see a tree in a store doesn’t mean it’s the correct time of year to plant it. Although many trees should be planted in the fall, crape myrtles and redbuds can be planted in the early spring.

The best way to successfully grow ornamental trees is to hire a professional landscaping company to install them. If you’re looking for a nursery near you, we hope you’ll choose Lee’s Nursery & Landscaping. We’ve served the Rock Hill, SC area for 30 years. Our experience means we’ll make the correct recommendations for your particular yard. Call today to schedule your free consultation.