Before you start contacting local landscaping companies near you about trees for your property, there are some important things you should know. This includes knowing which trees to avoid planting altogether. Here are some trees to watch out for according to the experts at Lee’s Nursery & Landscaping in Rock Hill, SC:

  1. Bradford pear – Bradford pears are very common trees in our region. But while they produce beautiful blooms in the springtime, they’re generally not a good choice to plant in your yard. These trees are prone to splitting apart when faced with wind, ice, or snow. If you want trees that will last, you’re better off to stay away from these.
  2. Sweet gum – Despite its name, this tree is anything but nice. During the fall and winter, it drops spiky balls everywhere. They hurt when you step on them, get caught in your pets’ fur, and are unpleasant to look at when they’ve covered your yard. It’s an annoyance you’d probably rather not have.
  3. Ash tree – Gorgeous as they may be, ash trees are easily harmed by a beetle called the Emerald Ash Borer. These bugs destroy over eight million ash trees yearly, making your investment almost worthless. It’s best to hold off on planting these trees until scientists figure out how to get rid of this invasive species.
  4. Black walnut tree – This tree looks beautiful but comes with its own set of consequences. Studies have found that black walnuts produce chemicals that are harmful to surrounding plant life. If you want your other plants, trees, and shrubs to remain healthy, don’t plant these in your yard.
  5. Ginkgo tree – Most landscaping companies will advise against planting ginkgo trees. While these trees are slender and alluring in the summer, they produce a foul-smelling fruit in the fall. Keep your family – and neighbors – happy and avoid adding this tree to your property.

When you need beautiful trees that are easy to maintain, call Lee’s Nursery & Landscaping. Let us find the best ornamental trees and shade trees for your property.