Landscaping is a year-round job. If you work in your yard, you know how true this is. With every change of the seasons, there’s a whole new list of things to do to keep your yard looking its best. However, there are also some additions you can make to your landscape to make your yard more enjoyable. Here are three creative yard landscaping ideas for the fall.

Fire pits and fireplaces: There’s nothing better than a warm fire on a cold evening. Building a fire pit or outdoor fireplace in your yard gives you a great place for relaxing and backyard gatherings. Landscapers that specialize in outdoor living and hardscapes can create these in a variety of sizes and styles.

Built-in seating: Tired of asking your friends to bring their own chairs when you have an outdoor event at your home? Built-in seating is the perfect complement to your fire pit. It looks better, adds value to your property, and will make your guests feel special.

Outdoor lighting: Outdoor lighting is one of the best ways to create a “wow” factor in your yard. Low-voltage landscape lighting adds beauty and interest to any space. Professional landscapers can install energy-efficient options that will last for years. Plus, with the holidays approaching, you’ll have outdoor wiring that’s ready for your light displays.

Add fall-friendly plants: Now’s the best time to add plants and trees to your yard for the fall and winter. Grasses, mums, hostas, and shrubs can be planted now. Get them in the ground around six weeks before the first hard frost.

Not sure what will work best in your yard? Hire a professional landscaper who can give you expert advice and get the job done right. Lee’s Nursery & Landscaping is one of the most experienced Rock Hill, SC landscapers. Call us today for a free estimate and to learn more about our landscaping services.